Ariat International, Inc.

International Equestrian Boots and Apparel

Ariat is a premium performance footwear, apparel and accessories brand for equestrian sports and other outdoor activities. Big Fish has been working with Ariat since its inception in 1992, working to develop strong, meaningful branding that reaches incredibly diverse markets. Beginning with product guides, developing in-store presence and packaging, and defining Ariat as the technological leader through advertising, Big Fish has helped guide the brand as it develops into an international company.


Western Co-Branded Packaging System


Western Ad Campaign


English Product Launch: Ad, Packaging & Microsite; English Show Collection Consumer Mailer

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Lifestyle Consumer Piece


Outdoor Lifestyle Product Guide

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Ariat Tek Packaging System

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Western Lifestyle Brands: Logo, Packaging, & Product Guide

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Ariat Brand Development: Packaging, Product Guides & Point of purchase Posters

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